Let’s talk about ACNE.


June is acne awareness month,

& after suffering with acne for many years it’s a topic that is very personal to me so I thought I’d tell you all about my acne experience.

Nobody likes getting spots, but sometimes they’re inevitable and can’t be helped. I first got spots when I went into puberty around 13/14 and I thought that they would go away once hormones settled and I got a little older. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and the spots gradually turned into cystic acne, with it not just being on my face but my chest, shoulders and back.  I was getting breakouts daily and I was getting so down about it. I used to cry loads to the point where I literally hated my skin.

After about a year of using different acne products I decided it was time to visit the doctors, who prescribed me various lotions and potions and all different kinds of antibiotics. I found that they would help for a short period of time, but once I stopped taking them the acne came right back and I was right back at square one again. It began to become so frustrating and I thought I was gonna have acne forever.

After about 4 years of trying different antibiotics and lotions, my doctor finally decided to refer me to a dermatologist who put me on a drug called Roaccutane .This is an extremely harsh drug that is prescribed as a last resort for acne, however the success rate is crazy high. The reason it is considered a last resort is due to the scary/ serious side effects such as suicidal thoughts. However, the most common side effects is dry skin and tiredness.

I finally found what I had been longing for… clear skin!!! After around 9 months of being on Roaccutane I finally could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I was finally feeling more confident within myself and my skin. I finally felt like I could look someone in the eye and feel as thought they’re not staring at my acne. It was crazy how getting rid of my acne changed me as a person and made me feel 100000% times better!!

Acne can easily make someone feel down, trust me I’ve been there. The amount of time I got told to just wash my face and drink more water.  I tried everything from drinking 3L a day to various face washes. However, it’s not always the case, sometimes you just cant help it and it’s time to become more aware of acne and that is can affect anyone and it does not define you. You are amazing and beautiful whether you have acne or not. I want you to believe that.

I hope you all have enjoyed me telling you a little about my experience of acne and how I got rid of it. It has been about 2.5 years since I stopped taking Roaccutane and my acne has not come back. I get the odd breakout around certain times of the month but other than that my skin is pretty clear and I am so thankful.

If anyone has any questions about acne or Roaccutane, please drop me a comment down below and I’ll try my best to help.


Love Mercydes x


Fave Summer Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey guys, 


I recently finished university forever, which is crazy and so I’ve had a little more time to myself. One thing I have actually been enjoying doing recently is going through all my eyeshadow palettes and rediscovering  shades and palettes that I love!! Me and Luci, thought it would be exciting to share with you all the eyeshadow palettes that we love for summer!! This post is going to be a collab with the lovely Luci, so don’t forget to check out her blog after this!!

One of my holy grail eyeshadow palettes that I love in the summer is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette!! This is such a gorgeous palette and I absolutely love the pink shades in it, they blend like a dream and look lovely, especially for the summer months.

I also love the Morphe 350 palette, the shades in this palette are amazing and like the ABH modern renaissance palette they blend so so well. I predominantly use the yellows and oranges in this palette and I love it!! It’s so versatile and perfect for those summer days, but also perfect for adding a bit of a darker shade in the evening and turning it into an evening look.

More recently I checked out the eyeshadow palettes that Beauty Bay released and I picked myself up the evolve palette. This palette is incredible value for money with 42 shades for £25!! How amazing is that? The shades are lovely with so much variety, perfect for the summer months. It also has a huge mirror in the palette which would be perfect if you were to take it on holiday with you during the summer.

Now that I have finished university and we are heading into the summer months, I want to be more adventurous with my eyeshadow looks and use brighter colours on my eyes!! If anyone has any recommendations, please leave them down below as I’d love to check them out!! Also comment down below what your favourite eyeshadow palettes for the summer are!! Don’t forget to check out Luci’s page and see what palettes she is loving for the summer months.

Lotta love, 

Mercydes x






Make 2019 YOUR YEAR!!

I can’t believe it’s already the second week of May, I mean where has the year gone already? I’m so close to finishing my third and final year of my degree also which is crazy. Today whilst I was sat in Starbucks revising for my upcoming exam, I just began thinking about what a year 2019 has been already for me!! Even though I’ve has a few stressful moments, and tears have been shed, 2019 *touch wood* is shaping up to be an amazing year and I’m hoping that it stays that way throughout the rest of the year.

I know this is a rather sappy post, but I would really like to share with you all some of the best  moments of 2019 for me so far. I love looking back on things that have happened and I truly believe everything happens for a reason, so we must cherish every moment.

1. Finished my DISSERTATION!!!


Something that I am really proud of so far this year is handing my dissertation in. On the 5th April 2019 my third year dissertation research project was due in. 6300 words, a million Starbucks iced vanilla lattes and a bucket load of tears later I handed it in and I can honestly say I gave it a 110% and tried my very best. Doing my dissertation was a real challenge for me, but I gave it my all, worked hard and I’m super proud of what I have accomplished!! Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me along the way!!

My dissertation was all about what makes people feel as though they belong at their chosen university and I found this soooo interesting to research and after all the stress I actually kind enjoyed writing it **never in a million years did I ever think I would say that**.

2. Getting good grades!! 



I seem to be doing actually rather good at uni!! Now don’t get me wrong, I work so so hard and this year has been no different, but I really think I have put in 110% this year and it’s really paying off. I work so  hard and it’s gutting when you don’t get a grade you want, but as my mum always tells me just try your best and that’s all you can do. Third year seems to be like a different me, I usually do get 2:1 from working super hard but this year I’ve managed to get quite a few firsts which first of all I’m like are you sure uni? But then I’ve worked so so hard and I’m so proud of myself.




 3. I bought myself a car!!

If you know me in real life, you will know how long long I have been saving for to buy a new car and in April it finally happened. I said bye to Frankie my Fiesta and hello to my precious Picanto Bertie!! I am so proud of myself for saving and buying my car and I absolutely love it, it just goes to show if you want something hard enough you can get it.



Earlier in the year I applied to a temporary research position on a whim, hoping I’d get it but secretly thinking this is such a long shot, but guess what?  I GOT IT!! I start in a couple of weeks and whilst its a temporary position it’ll give me so much experience and get me prepared for a full time job. The research position is with a really high up psychology team that I am super excited to say I’m going to be working for. I am going to keep the name of the organisation under wraps until after I’ve completed the position.

If you’re reading this and there is a job or something you want to apply for but are secretly thinking it’s going to be a long shot, go for it!! You will never know unless you try, you might surprise yourself.

What else is to come in 2019?

As I am writing this, I have one exam left at university, and then I am finished with uni all together, crazy right!! The months of June-July I will be working this really exciting internship job and then at the end of July is GRADUATION!!! I am soooo excited to graduate with my besties and enjoy the summer!! We have all worked so so hard and it’ll be nice to celebrate all together (I know you guys read my posts, I am so proud of us and can’t wait to celebrate with you!!).

I am also really excited to turn 21 in August and enjoy the rest of my summer before I start applying for full time jobs, which is really rather scary and I’ve noooo idea what I want to do with the rest of my life just yet.. we got time for that!! I’ve had lots of other wonderful moments so far in 2019 with my friends and family and this post only sheds light on a couple of exciting moments this year!!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this lil update about my life and I’d love to know your best moments of 2019 so far down below in the comments. Do you guys and gals and let’s have a fab rest of 2019!! This is our year, as cringy as it is, go out and get whatever it is that you want, work hard, be kind and the world will be your oyster (as my mum always says hahaha).


Lotta Love,





Discovering Essential Oils


Hey Guys, 

Long time, no speak!! I’m sorry my posts are sporadic and random at the moment, but as you can imagine being a third year student I have so so much on and I promise you once I hand my dissertation in on April 5th I will be posting more often and my content will be so much better!!

I wanted to chat to you guys about these essential oil roller balls I bought recently. I got them from Amazon and I think they were around £9! I have seen so many people posting about how essential oils helped them to sleep better, focus better and feel less stressed and I literally thought omg I need that in my life. Being a student, especially a third year student so close to graduating I have a million deadlines, so many things to do and I really struggle to stay focused, sleep and I am one huge stress ball!! I thought I’d try some essential oils and see how they make me feel.

The set of oils I got is called the Travel Survival Kit and it is from a brand called Tisserand, I had never heard of this brand before, but a lovely gal who I watch on youtube called Jess Ratchford recommend them so I thought I’d try them. They come with three oils; sweet dreams, travel and energy.

The sweet dream one is a lavender based essential oil designed to help you sleep better, I tried this the first night I received these in the mail and I cannot stress enough how well I slept that night!! However, even though I slept so well I found that for the first few nights I experienced some weird, vivid dreams which after a quick google I found that lavender oil can have this effect, this no longer happens tho hahaha.


The energy essential oil contains citrus oils and I keep this one in my uni bag for on the go when I need a little boost/pick me up. I find this especially useful when I’m stressing in the library and I need something to ground me and make me feel human again and not a massive stress ball. I love the smell of the energy oil and I think it is my fave one!! I haven’t used the travel one much yet, but it smells lovely and I’m sure it’ll be fab for when I’m travelling in the summer.

To use these oils, you literally just roll the roller ball onto your pulse points, I tend to pop it on my wrists, behind my ears, on my neck, temples and sometimes on the soles of my feet!! I really like these oils and I am going to buy some more. They have a website with soooo many different oils for different purposes, I am keen to try the focus and total destress. I will link their website here…


Have you guys used essential oils before? What do you think? Fab or Fad?? I’d personally recommend them to help you feel less stressed and to sleep better!!


Lotta Love 

Mercydes x


Day in the life of a Third Year Student.

Hi Guys,

I am only at uni for two days a week this year thankfully, but during those two days its pretty intense with work and since I commute it can sometimes feel like such a long day. On Monday’s I only have uni 10-1pm and then on Friday’s I have university from 10am-5pm which is my longest day. I shall be taking you along on a typical Friday in my life.

So on Friday’s I start uni at 10am but since I live at home I have to get up a fair amount of time earlier in order to catch the train. I wake up around 6am in order to get the train for 7:52am.

lejmlgn3tcieiscdilcumgOnce I’ve woken up at 6am, I do the typical stuff like wash my face, brush my teeth then I get dressed and do my makeup (if I’m wearing any that day) and then do my hair. Once I’m ready I will pack my bag for that day and then I will run down the stairs and on an ideal morning if I get up on time I will have some breakfast before getting in my car and driving to the train station.  I get the train from the next town over so it takes me about 15 minutes to drive to the station.



Once on the train I usually get out my iPad and look at what I’ve got to do that day, I’ll usually plan what I’m going to do in the break between my lectures and I’ll also look at what the lectures that day are about. I usually get to uni about 9:15am once I have walked from the station to my uni building. I usually spend this time just catching up with my uni friends and having a coffee etc.

My first lecture on a Friday is my educational psychology lecture, I actually really enjoy this lecture and I hope to go into educational psychology in the future. This lecture finishes at 12 in which me and my friends usually go and get some lunch. After lunch I usually have an hour before my next lecture which I usually go into the computer room and crack on with some uni work (may aswell be productive right?).

At 2pm this is when I have my applied psychology lecture, which is fairly interesting but sometimes very confusing hahah but I think that’s just me. This lecture is usually so long as it’s just at the worst time 2-5pm on a Friday afternoon, everyone is so tired and so ready for the weekend. Although if you’re like me you work all weekend so it doesn’t mean much ahahah.

I usually end up running for my train once this class has ended and I begin my commute home. I usually get home around 6:15pm in which usually my lovely mum had made my tea for me (perks of living at home hahahah) and then I’ll eat my tea and be that exhausted once I’ve eaten I’ll just shower and crawl into bed.

Because I have work on Saturday’s I tend to just relax on Friday evening’s and I let myself have a chill evening. I will typically put a film on or watch some youtube videos till about 10ish then I’ll go to sleep!! I am always exhausted on Friday’s and so ready to sleep!! Third year of uni is hard and tiring and I am just mentally and physically exhausted!!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about what a typical uni day looks like for me. It’s very long and worky hahah. But it won’t be for long. Uni finishes soon in which my routine will change, I’ll no longer be a student, how scary!! What does a typical day look like for you if you go to uni?

Lotta Love,

Mercydes x


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